Luxury Fashions Designs Shoes

Dear Friend,

What you will be seeing next are the pictures of some Luxury Fashions Designs Shoes.

They are Super Stylish, Fashionable, and Classy…

Available in a Variety of Designs and Style as you will see below:

#1 Blue

#2 Black

#3 Maroon

#4 Black

#5 Blue

#6 Black

#7 Brown

#8 Black

These shoes are available in sizes ranging from

40 - 46

Handcrafted with Premium Quality material to give your legs the comfort and Fitting they deserve…

So if you have been looking for a shoe that is both Classy and Stylish and that will fit your personality… These will do

Imagine the confidence and the compliment that comes with rocking shoes of these Designs are Quality…

With them on we are sure you will definitely be feeling like a Million dollars

Plus, because of how comfortable they are, you can wear them for a long time without having any discomfort.

Now I know you might be thinking… 

"How Much For A Pair?"

We will get to the price in a minute

But what I need to let you know is that these are Premium, High-Quality Handmade Shoes…

…So they are quite pricey but worth the investment you will make on them.

You see, if you want to get shoes and you walk into, Let’s say A Good Boutique, You will spend nothing less than N99,999…

Maybe more… I think if you have been shopping this way you would agree with me.

Plus even at that amount, you will still feel you are cheating them for a shoe of this quality…

…Emphasis on the Quality of the shoe.

Normally we would sell shoes like this for N90k.

But you won’t be PAYING this much today…

If you are interested enough in these items and would like to place your order now

You will be getting a N25k discount off

So you will be paying (for a pair) just N65k


This is us selling this shoe at a 28% discount.

But there is a catch. A big catch. And it is about the stocks available

The stocks and the sizes available for each item are quite limited, 

And adding to the fact that we are selling these items at a heavily discounted price… You should know that they are selling out fast.

Plus this offer is only available as long as this page is UP

And by the look of things, once we run out of sizes we will be taking the page down.

Then peradventure we have a restock, these shoes will not sell at the price that they are selling Now. 

No, They would go back to the original price.

I think you would need to place your order ASAP 

Because delaying might cause us to run out of some sizes and when you decide to Place your order, 

We might not have your size in stock left

Now wouldn’t be too soon to order you know!

Plus, That is not all…

When you place an order for an item on our website, You get with your order…

A Shoeshine Polish Or A Suede Spray Polish and Quality Pair Of Socks as Gifts for FREE

Plus the item will be delivered to whatever location Free Of Charge, 

This means DELIVERY is FREE also.


Also, when you order two pairs or more you get some extra discounts:

2 Pairs get you a discount of N3,000

Order 3 Pairs and yourself a discount of N5,000

4 Pairs get you a discount of N8,000

If you Order 5 Pairs, you get a discount of N10,000 off the total Money of the items

Plus for every pair you order, remember that it comes with their respective GIFTs

Now Here is Our “We Guarantee You Will Love It, If Not Don't Pay Us A Kobo” Guarantee!

See, We like to treat our customers as we want to be treated.

Whenever we order something… 

We love to see the item, test them and confirm if it is EXACTLY what we ordered, before paying.

We want you to do the same.

So if you like this item and you place your order NOW,

We will bring it to the location you provided to us FREE OF CHARGE 

(Remember we told you that DELIVERY IS FREE… We are paying (from our pocket) for this item to be sent to you wherever you are in the country)

And we want you to do the same thing we do…

…That is we want you to inspect and test them and to confirm what we brought is WHAT you ordered for…

And when you are satisfied, that is when you should PAY for it.

And that is why 


The Next thing will be how do I order


Here is How You Place Your Order!

There is A Red Button Below that says “CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW”

What you should do is click on that button.

As soon as you do that, a Form will Pop-Out

Inside this Form is where you will fill in your information: 

That is Your name, Phone number, Address, Color and Code of the Item, Size, and Quantity you are ordering.

Once you are done filling the firm. Kindly submit it

Immediately you do this, you will be redirected to a new page confirming that your order was placed successfully.

Then we will take it from there

You will receive a call or message from us where we will confirm your order

After this call, If you are in Lagos, Your Item will be delivered within 48 Hours.

And Outside Lagos takes between 3 – 5 days for your order to be delivered (most times it is faster, but this is the maximum time for your item delivered)

If you understand everything we have said so far and you want to place your order, here is the below:


N65,000 (28% OFF)


If you would like to talk to us Via WhatsApp or Phone, their links are available below:


N65,000 (28% OFF)

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